News & Notes

Felland Road will be closed to thru traffic from July 14 to October 29 for round-a-bout construction at Tranquility Trail.

Burke Road will be closed for construction July 12 through the end of August.

Nelson Road – Zignego Ready Mix may have extended operations from June 18 through December 2, 2021 to complete DOT project number 1206-06-79, also known as the flex lane addition to the beltline. Proper notification to the Town has been received.

The Town Hall Lobby will be open 9:00 to 3:00 Monday through Thursday and 9:00 to noon on Fridays. Lobby hours are subject to the CDC and Public Health of Dane County recommendations. 

Building Inspector Hours are Tuesdays from 1pm – 2pm.

Lions Club – The Burke Lions Club has a donation bin in the Town lobby for eye glass donations. Please drop off any prescription eye glasses to be donated and used for those in need.


If you’re the parent of a ballplayer or kiddos who like to operate diggers at one of our playgrounds, perhaps you’ve come across the Sand Wasp (Bembix) – one of more than 1,200 sand wasp species in North America.  Not to worry. They’re all buzz, no sting.

With a gestation period of about six weeks, sand wasps swoop in to say hello about this time every summer when the females dig nests (or holes) in sandy ground devoid of vegetation to lay eggs and fill the holes with food for developing young.

Recently, we’ve received inquiries from residents in regard to these yellow/black or white/black-banded (beelike) pattern insects that burrow in the sand and clay, measuring up to two inches. Baseball and softball infields and other dry, sandy areas provide the perfect habitat for the sand wasp and other burrowing bees.

If you see these insects, which hover around 18 inches off the ground when not burrowed, think friend not foe. Sand wasps prey on house flies, deer flies, and mosquitoes. A single, developing sand wasp larva may eat two dozen flies. Adults also feed on flower nectar, pollinating plants in the process.

“These wasps are unaggressive, solitary insects, and among the many wasp species that almost never sting humans,” said Keith Jones, project manager and senior ecologist at V3, “Wasp and bee stings are modified egg-laying devices, so males are not equipped to sting. Females can sting if crushed; say by stepping on them with bare feet.”

Position Open

The Town of Burke is seeking candidates for a Deputy Treasurer/ Deputy Clerk.  This position will be responsible for assisting the Town Administrator/Clerk/Treasurer and will focus on, but are not limited to accounting, accounts payable and receivable including journal entries, budgeting audit preparation, election administration support, licensing, customer service, website management, agenda and packet management and general staff support. Preferred candidates will have municipal government experience.  In addition, strong governmental accounting, budget, Treasurer’s Certification, a degree in accounting or finance and Quick Books Accounting software are plusses. Please review the Position Description and submit a detailed letter of interest and resume if you have the municipal financial experience we are looking for.

Plan Commission

The Town of Burke is looking for at least one, maybe two, residents to join the Plan Commission. Do you have an interest in having a voice in the Town planning? Are you able to meet one evening a month for an hour?  Does the thought of land division and zoning sound interesting? Please contact a Town Supervisor, Town Chair, or the Town Administrator to learn more. The next meeting is scheduled for August 4, 2021.

Schonheit Garden – CLOSED 

Schonheit Gardens will no longer take grass clippings or leaves. Because of the continued dumping of other items including bushes, branches, and appliances, Schonheit has canceled the contract. They do not have a way to dispose of all the woody material or trash that has been dumped there this year. The Town does not have a location for residents to dispose of their clippings or leaves at this time. 
Effective January 1, 2020, Dane County will no longer accept yard waste materials for drop off at any of its sites due to site and space constraints.  Under Wisconsin law, yard materials including leaves, grass clippings and small pieces of brush/branches are prohibited from disposal in landfills.

Composting at home is a great way to manage your yard waste and household food items. There are many resources available to help you compost at home and the finished material is a great source of microorganisms and nutrients for your lawn and gardens.  Benefits of using compost include:

  • Restoring or enhancing the ability of sandy soil to hold moisture and clay soils to drain
  • Repairing or preventing damage caused by erosion
  • Aiding plant growth – e.g., in residential gardens, public landscapes, or after construction and mining projects are completed

Barnes Brush Collection

2021 Brush Collection Dates will be the first week of May and July, second week of September, and first week of November by Barnes Inc. 

Brush Collection Regulations: This is for routine tree trimmings only.

7:00 am on Monday morning not more than 14 days prior to pickup week.

  • Cut ends uniformly stacked towards the road – skipped if not properly stacked.
  • Limbs should not exceed 6 inches in diameter and 10 feet length.
  • No grass, roots, leaves or other yard waste will be accepted.
  • Only one pile no larger than 4x4x10 feet will be accepted per collection week.
  • Larger than 4x4x10 will not be accepted.