2015 Town Board Agendas & Minutes

Meeting Date Agenda  Minutes
January 21 Public Hearing Shelter from the Storm Ministries Rezone & CUP A
January 21 A M
February 18 A M
March 18 Public Hearing Sauey Rezone A
March 18 A M
April 21 Annual Meeting A M
April 21 A M
May 13 Special Board Meeting A M
May 20 Public Hearing Cardinal Heating & Air Conditioning CSM A
May 20 A M
June 17 Public Hearing Transfer of Ownership of UD 2 & UD 6 A
June 17 A M
July 15 A M
August 19 Public Hearing Jones Rezone & CUP A
August 19 Public Hearing Kempfer Rezone A
August 19 A M
September 16  A M
 October 7 Special meeting  A  M
 October 21 Public Hearing Orvick CSM A  –
 October 21 A  M
November 18 Budget Hearing and Meeting of Electors to Set Levy and Highway Expenditures A M
 November 18  A  M
 December 16 A  M